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If you are interested in business development, you are in the right place. My name is Adam and I live in Brisbane, Australia. Although I don't own a business, I am very interested in how businesses operate and the steps they can take to improve their performance. I love the fact that by making a few changes to a business, the owner can drastically increase their profits. I have spent the last 8 months learning all I can about business development. I have visited several different types of small business in my local area and spoken with the staff in order to gain a deeper insight.



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Coloured Versus Classic Diamond Engagement Rings: Which Should You Choose?

When planning a proposal, whether you choose to hold an extravagant affair or want to have a private moment with your partner, the main event is always the ring. While there is a myriad of jewellery options available currently, the diamond engagement ring remains the most sought-after solution for a good number of couples. And this is not without reason. The diamond is not just a dazzling gemstone, but it is now available in both classic white and coloured varieties. Nonetheless, considering both these types will be a resplendent addition to your chosen band, it can be difficult discerning which to pick. This piece delves into what you should know about coloured and classic diamond engagement rings to help you make the right choice.

What determines the value of a white diamond?

White diamonds refer to the classic colourless version of these gemstones. You could be thinking that since this is the standard type of diamond engagement ring, these diamonds are readily available, but this is not true. In fact, perfect white diamonds are quite rare since they need to be as free from imperfections as possible. Hence, several factors are taken into consideration when valuing these types of diamonds. The four Cs are standard aspects that are taken into account, which refer to the clarity, cut, colour and carat of the classic diamond. For example, if the gemstone has a milky appearance, that decreases its clarity value and subsequently the price of the diamond.

What determines the value of a coloured diamond?

Coloured diamonds are characterised by both subtle and distinctive hues. What you may be unaware of, though, is that coloured diamonds come in any shade that you can envision, and this is because while some are naturally-occurring, the hue of most of the gemstones is altered by electrons or via radiation. Thus, while most of them start as classic white diamonds, they can be customised for you to suit any colour preference you have. Since coloured diamonds are not clear like their classic counterparts are, clarity is not a factor taken into consideration when valuing these gemstones, Instead, the depth of the diamond is what determines how expensive it will be. Naturally occurring coloured diamonds, such as blue, green and pink diamonds, are the rarest gemstones you can choose so you can expect them to come with a hefty price tag.

So what do you choose? Ultimately, this will depend on your partner's style. For example, if their style is conservative, a classic white diamond may be the right option, but you may also consider a subtly tinted coloured diamond with their favourite hue.