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If you are interested in business development, you are in the right place. My name is Adam and I live in Brisbane, Australia. Although I don't own a business, I am very interested in how businesses operate and the steps they can take to improve their performance. I love the fact that by making a few changes to a business, the owner can drastically increase their profits. I have spent the last 8 months learning all I can about business development. I have visited several different types of small business in my local area and spoken with the staff in order to gain a deeper insight.



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Top Secrets Behind the Growing Popularity of Directional Drilling Services

When working on a project, it gets to a point where you need to pass under some established installations. In such cases, you will need to bore the ground. Directional drilling services can help you achieve that. Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless method that involves installing remediation wells. The process is suitable when installing utility pipes and conduits. Directional drilling is also used to put up oil and gas pipelines. 

The article highlights the reasons why many companies are choosing directional drilling services.

Offers Reduced Disruptions

Digging trenches is an activity that causes a lot of disruptions. The process, however, proves more cost-effective when working on open ground. But if you wish to install something on established infrastructure, trenching is not the best process to use. That is because you will end up causing traffic disruptions and instability to the ground. 

With horizontal directional drilling, you can avoid all these disruptions. The process uses only one device and pilot hole. You can then complete the project through this opening. So the process will not disrupt the landscape and reduce the time needed for the project. 

Helps Lower Costs

The directional drilling process proves more cost-efficient than the traditional trenching. That is because there is little dirt displaced in the process. Therefore, it does not take much effort to remove or rebury the soil. The result is that you pay the contractors less money. 

Also, directional drilling services do not need a lot of operators. Companies that offer directional drilling services also do not have to invest in heavy machines, such as backhoes. These cost savings then pass on to the consumer. 

Involves a Safer Procedure

Horizontal directional drilling offers a safer solution than traditional trenching. You can identify the safety differences by analysing the number of accidents likely to happen in each process. Trenchless drilling requires only one operator, an assistant and the drilling device. Physical trenching, however, involves a lot of contractors, especially during excavation. 

Implementing and following the right safety measures is easier when there are fewer people involved. It is not easy to supervise many contractors in a project. Thus, you may not know if each worker is following the right safety measures. Therefore, horizontal directional drilling reduces the chances of accidents during the project. 


Horizontal directional drilling offers many benefits compared to the traditional drilling processes. Using directional drilling for oil or gas also doubles the amount extracted. Also, trenchless drilling is ideal for contractors who want efficiency and speed. That is why many projects that involve trenching are now using directional drilling services.